About me

14juillet15aout-a-propos-portraitI’m Anne-Cécile,32 years old, I studied fashion design and pattern making gratuated for ESMOD nternational Paris.

I began to sew when I was very young with my grand-mother : first with my doll’s clothes then with mine clothes.

After my studies, I discovered merchandising. For 10 years, I worked for many brands all over France.

I didn’t have much time but when I had a little time for myself, I made clothes ( swimsuits or lingerie) for my friends.

I never stoppped dreaming that I would create mine brand one day but it never seemed to be the right time.

When I was pregnant and took maternity leave, I began to sew. First for my son, then for my friend’s daughters.

The birth of a child, the birth of an idea ! Why not me ? Why not now ?

14July-15August : I found the name ( thanks to the inpiration of a friend) chatting over lunch one day.

The clothes are designed and made by myself in my atelier , at home, in Brittany.

My personal choice is to produce small collections with a slighty retro feel.

All products are handmade : 100% HANDMADE 100% MADE IN FRANCE