Why this names for the circular skirts?

Why this names for the circular skirts?

Today it’s Wednesday, little vocabulary lesson…. Why I choose this name for the skirts? I explain FONCEUSE and DESINVOLTE.

I choose some adjectives which describe a attitude, a kid personality, a little girl who is happy, mischief and who laugh a lot.


  • I have search a good translation but I didn’t find anything so I explain with my words: A little girl who have a lot of freedom. I like the idea of a little girl who run everywhere and jump all the time and who turn and turn with her circular skirt. The french translation is :  https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%A9sinvolture


One who is very energic, active , for a kid we say he never stop one minute.

In french, we say to lauch where is the button OFF ?

We will follow the kid example because they live completely their life.

Happy Wednesday, and Hang is there for the last minute Christmas shopping!