Sunshine with Fonceuse

Sunshine with Fonceuse


Today, it’s Wednesday so new post!!

I wanted to write a article/post about the LOVELY new swimsuit which I currenlty working k. But it is a really really Summer piece and in France it’s snow so perhaps it is not the good time to write an article about swimsuit.

I will present you the new swimsuit in 1 or 2 weeks.
So, today focus on FONCEUSE, the twirling skirt like a sunshine.

zoom Fonceuse 14juillet15aout

With gingham black and white pockets and this colourful ochre/yellow, it is the seasonal clothe.
It will be wearing with :
– a pair of tights
– a warm sweater
– a t-shirt
– a coat
And we can add :
– a cap
– clovers
– a scarf
– and a basic long sleeves too!!

Fonceuse détail de dos

And the good new, it is in promotion!  Yes I said No Sales but  i said Nice Price too.
I have only few of sizes and the with the promo code 30F you have a reduction on 30%  :
Happy wednesday!!!